Does your wood fence need repair? wood fence repairHas it rotted? Fallen down during a recent storm or windy day? Become loose or weathered? Many problems can befall on your fence and make it not functional, an eyesore on your property or useless for the reason you even put it up for.

Wood-Fence-RepairedWhether you need fence repair because of a natural disaster, storm, or other damage — our fence repair professionals here at Everyday Carpentry use the best materials to get the job done. Wood fences don’t look so good when damaged, so give us a call and we’ll get right on it and get your fence repaired on-budget and on-schedule.

We repair the following types of fences:

  • Redwood Fences
  • Oak Fences
  • Cedar Fences
  • Chestnut Fences
  • Pine Fences
  • Spruce Fences