Specialized Roof Repair Services

Got a leak? Tree fall on your roof? We have extensive experience in finding and repairing those pesky roof leaks and problems. No leak is to small and we don’t have a minimum charge. Our roof techs enjoy a very high success rate in first visit solving of your leaky roof. Call us for a Free Estimate on all roofing problems. You will receive a written proposal outlining the scope of work and the price, usually on the spot.

Roof Repair Cost

Maintaining an intact roof is on the list of crucial home repairs. Some common repair causes include: blown off or missing shingles, valleys, ice dams, low slope or an inadequate roof pitch, chimney or skylight flashing or bad or leaking pipe flashing. With roof repairs, you never really no how much it’s going to cost without knowing how much damage there is. On the low end, you can expect to pay about $180, in-between (the average) will spend about $330 to $1,000, and on the high end, about $2,000 for roof repairs.

Roof Repair

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