Are you wondering what's happening with the once beautiful wood on your home?

Dark, spongy, weathered, or warped? You have dry rot damage. Almost all of us have had to suffer through the problem of dry rot; or wood rot, at some time or the other. Dry rot is basically caused by certain fungi that digest the parts of the wood which keep it strong and stiff. It usually affects timber in buildings or other wooden constructions such as decks, fences, sidings, etc... When you spot dry rot in, on or around your home -- count on Everyday Carpentry for expert dry rot repair services.

We handle any and all kinds of dry rot and termite damage, both preventative and unforeseen damage.

Older houses inevitably incur exposure to moisture, which can cause dry rot over time. Some of the culprits are invisible leaks, trapped moisture, water infiltration, condensation, poor drainage, clogged rain gutters, blocked roof valleys, cracked roof tiles, accumulated kitchen and bathroom spills, sprinkler heads facing your home, missing flashing, external areas sloped in, and more. Termites love soft wood, and find especially appetizing wood that has been affected by any degree of dry rot.

We provide:

  • Dry rot wood replacement and repair
  • Termite damaged wood replacement and repair

Dry Rot Damage

dry rot damage repair

Dry Rot & Termite Damage

Dry Rot, Termite Damage