Cabinet Refacing - Transform Your Kitchen!

There's no need to live with a worn out, tired looking kitchen. Refacing the cabinets in your home is a quick and cost effective way to change the look and feel of your living space. After years of putting your cabinets to work, they can become worn and old.

You can make a significant difference in your kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank, simply by keeping the box of your cabinet, but by making the following changes:

  • Installation of New Doors - Changing the doors to your cabinets will not only give the space a new look, but can also change the design style of the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Change Color - Decide on  a new color for your cabinets and watch as visitors and friends notice the remarkable difference.
  • Replacing Cabinet Hardware - Old hardware get worn, rusty and may even squeak. A refacing will solve that problem.
  • Resurfacing Cabinet Exterior - You can use laminate, vinyl or any other replacement material of your choosing. When completed by a competent professional, everyone will believe you’ve installed new cabinets.

With these simple changes, you can get the effect of a new kitchen or bathroom without the price tag.

Benefits Of Cabinet Refacing

It's a relatively quick and painless process that allows us to rejuvenate your cabinets in just a few days without having to tear out and replace your cabinets, your counter tops, your appliances or your floors.

cabinet re-facing

cabinet refacing

refacing kitchen cabinets